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Hey guys and girls Cammy here!!!! As you all know, we receive a ton of user submissions daily here at Wifebucket. Not too long ago, we began receiving self taken shots from one of our female members named Jade. Jade is fit, athletic blond who is self described “sex maniac” who lives in the Los Angeles area. She was a model when she was younger and was big time into the swing scene (she’s married now so has toned down a bit). She did however write to us telling us some of the stories and let’s just say we’re even considering a text section just based on some of the stuff she told us about!!! Take a look at these fansign pictures she sent in…

She didn’t want the images of her face posted to Wife Bucket but wanted to see what the staff here thought of them first (why we blurred her face out). If you guys want to see more let us know and we’ll be sure to send her the message!!!

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Congrats to Tom K. of Georgia on winning our craziest picture contest!!! Check out the winning photo he submitted of his wife Jennifer and a random MILF they met from the Waffle House. Tom said he even took the hats to use for this picture so it was a well deserved win!!!

For this special occasion, I filmed it and wanted to talk to him live so we can post it on on Youtube,  I got voicemail, so left a message instead (it only took me about 50 tries lol). Tom’s message tricked me, check it out…

If you aren’t already a member make sure you join us and see all the entries!!!

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I just posted a new video on Youtube and also on the front page announcing a new amateur submission contest for this week. This contest is open to EVERYONE and we’re looking for the funniest picture (it can be naughty or nice but just sexy *hint*). We’ll be accepting applications immediately and the winner of the contest will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate!!!

Make sure you email all submissions to Rebecca or to me at, if you have any questions  let me know…looking forward to seeing your submissions – make me laugh!!! Hope you liked the video now on Youtube and let me know if what you think of my new hair style and my new pad….maybe I’ll invite some people over and video tape it *wink wink*

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Hey everyone, if you haven’t taken a look at the Wife Bucket’s front page or haven’t looked at Cammy’s Youtube channel, then make sure you check out this video she posted (view it here). She posted it on a half dare and also thought was funny (which it is). She forgot to turn off the camera and ends up reviewing submissions while playing with herself…all while working and on camera (now that’s a dedicated staff member!!!). We wanted to also show you something we noticed in the video that can only be viewed when you pause it…

Cammy didn’t mention this to us, when she posted the video, but that bracelet she has on…those are actual ANAL BEADS. Now who wishes the camera was on more often!?!?

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Hey guys and girls, I just added an update to our main site and we now have a SWINGERS GUIDE on our site!!! Speaking of swingers, I wanted to take this time to share with you some pics of my and some REAL Amateur SWINGERS….yep not porn stars but real actual swingers I met up with at a local swingersclub!!!

The Ultimate Swingers Guide provided FREE from Wife Bucket!

It was swingers night and it the club was packed full of hot couples, I went alone of course, it’s more fun that way right?!? Anyways usually they don’t allow pictures inside the club but they all know me from Wife Bucket and said it was cool as long as I censored the pics lol! It was a really cool time and I had more then a few memories to take home, I met like three couples that I played with; one couple…the husband loved watching me play with his wife (we took turns),  the other was an older couple that both played with me (she held me while he took me doggy it was sooooooo yummy), and the third couple actually invited me to their private table and I got to play with their friends too (Asian couples are so much fun – see the pics above!)

Hope you all enjoy the new guide and pics and if you’re a member shoot me an email, I’ll send you more!

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Hey everyone it’s Cammy Palin! Just wanted to say a big what’s up to all of you and also wanted to introduce you to Kylie from Southern California. Kylie applied for a position with us a few weeks ago and we interviewed her over the phone a few times also. You might have seen the job posted online for a manager and Kylie is one of the few who made it through almost all our interviews. One thing we really like about her….she loves sex and is a SWINGER herself (yes she attends sex clubs and parties). I mean the position she is interviewing for is for a Support Manager but hey, why not hire someone who can really relate to our members right? Check out some pictures she sent in…

She’ll be coming in this week for an interview! I’ll be keeping a camera on if there’s anything you want to ask or any special requests for me to ask of her send me an email!

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Hey guys and girls, Cammy here and just wanted to say hi and tell everyone about some really awesome updates! Personally, I’ve been spreading the word at the local clubs and representing with my super cool new t-shirt and uniform :0)  On submissions, I’ve been super busy as we are really growing…I mean really growing, there are so many submissions into the site at the moment that I really can’t even keep up and we might even have to hire another content manager to help me out!

The biggest news this week, if you haven’t noticed is…Wife Bucket Live is up and running!

Now one of the things everyone, including myself always wondered is, are some of these women really real? Well, guess what they are…you can even try it out, just go to the site and start talking to one of the girls, even do the “can you touch your nose test”. The cam models of Wife Bucket are amateur women and couples who broadcast direct from their homes, real everyday people  from all walks of life. What really is awesome is that to view the sex chat it’s free, and to sign-up to chat with the girls, it’s also FREE! Visit and let us know what you think.

If you haven’t noticed yet also, we’ve updated two main areas of the site (well on the blog that is), which are out submissions page and the contest page which is located here.  We currently have 3 contests running and we’re looking for the best amateur pictures and very best homemade videos for our site! Remember, contests are open to everyone; women, couples and even groups are welcome…everyone who submits to the site wins something! Check out this awesome couple…

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Today we’d like to introduce you to one of our newest staff members…Cammy! Cammy has been with us for about 3 months now as a multimedia editor and assistant web editor. She also represents Wife Bucket at the local swingers clubs where she gets the word out and recruits couples and girls…what a sweet gig huh?

Some quick facts about Cammy: She’s a MILF and has modeled in the past, check out the pic above she’s even done car shows. ;] She’s asked us to include in her bio that she’s also bi-sexual and and to make sure to let everyone know, she’s single. You can often find her at the local SoCal clubs meeting couples….yes meeting couples and the best part, she lives with a bunch of hot girls who loves to show off. That’s not the only reason we hired her you know…well maybe. You all may be also wondering, is she related to Sarah Palin? Maybe she the cousin of Bristol Palin? Take a look at her and let us know if you see think so….

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