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Hey everyone just wanted to let you know we updated the tour and just posted an AWESOME submission from Ted, one of our members from the Midwest. Ted has taken a photo of his wife, everyday for an entire year for over 3 years now and has shared them with us!!!

Take a look at the front page and download the free series that was just posted (we’ll also be posting the full series in our members area shortly).

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Take a look at who is featured on our front page…it’s that super hot blond everyone has been emailing us about and asking who she was. As you may know we posted a simple pic of her up giving a blowjob a few weeks ago and BAM received a ton of emails asking for more. Well members your message was very well received by Nancy and she went and sent us a TON of new photos for you to enjoy…here’s one of her viewing our website in her favorite outfit…

Doesn’t she look like she can bake some delicious cookies….well and fuck your brains out at the same time? We’re just lucky enough to have her as a featured submitter and extremely pleased to get pictures like this from her…

Thanks Nancy and please keep them coming!!

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We just updated the main page with a truly awesome submission from our member Sarah and her husband from Southern California. It’s another one of those user submissions we get that makes us say, “wow”, please submit more. They submitted both pictures and a full amateur scene and video. Sarah and Alex are a new couple who joined our site a few weeks ago…and based on her email, we provided them the inspiration to make their fist amateur porn video!!!

The pictures were awesome but the video was totally HOT – Sarah fucks him nicely, riding him and then getting banged hard…and yes, he shoots his load inside of her (CREAMPIE!)  At the request of the couple, we’ve uploaded their video for everyone to see…yes, that’s right completely free to download Sarah and Alex – Free Homemade Sex Tape. They only ask that if you are in the SoCal area, to contact them (just send us an email)…now that’s what we call the real deal!!

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Sometimes we get some really awesome submissions from our own members that we absolutely have to tell you about. We put up the email submission from Ted on the front page so check it out! Ted a long time Wife Bucket member after getting caught by his wife jacking off, convinced her (with the help of our site) to shoot an amateur sex tape and they submitted it to us!!! Pictures are on the front page and the video clip of her having an orgasm is here. Enjoy and make sure to join us to see more!!!!

Amateur wife blowjob

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We just had to share with you some pics from an Amateur MILF we received…the woman is just that exceptional that we felt the need to personally show you all some pics and also her background because it’s pretty interesting.

Charlene is a real single mother and MILF located in the Midwest. She tells her she’s submitting pictures, not for a contest but is submitting her pictures (3 full sets already even), because she wanted to know someone out there is jerking off to her or a couple is fucking while looking at her pictures. If all single moms looked like her and had this open minded philosophy, I doubt they’d be single for long!!! Join now and Download the picture set here

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I just posted a new video on Youtube and also on the front page announcing a new amateur submission contest for this week. This contest is open to EVERYONE and we’re looking for the funniest picture (it can be naughty or nice but just sexy *hint*). We’ll be accepting applications immediately and the winner of the contest will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate!!!

Make sure you email all submissions to Rebecca or to me at, if you have any questions  let me know…looking forward to seeing your submissions – make me laugh!!! Hope you liked the video now on Youtube and let me know if what you think of my new hair style and my new pad….maybe I’ll invite some people over and video tape it *wink wink*

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Hey guys and girls, I just added an update to our main site and we now have a SWINGERS GUIDE on our site!!! Speaking of swingers, I wanted to take this time to share with you some pics of my and some REAL Amateur SWINGERS….yep not porn stars but real actual swingers I met up with at a local swingersclub!!!

The Ultimate Swingers Guide provided FREE from Wife Bucket!

It was swingers night and it the club was packed full of hot couples, I went alone of course, it’s more fun that way right?!? Anyways usually they don’t allow pictures inside the club but they all know me from Wife Bucket and said it was cool as long as I censored the pics lol! It was a really cool time and I had more then a few memories to take home, I met like three couples that I played with; one couple…the husband loved watching me play with his wife (we took turns),  the other was an older couple that both played with me (she held me while he took me doggy it was sooooooo yummy), and the third couple actually invited me to their private table and I got to play with their friends too (Asian couples are so much fun – see the pics above!)

Hope you all enjoy the new guide and pics and if you’re a member shoot me an email, I’ll send you more!

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Hey guys and girls, you have to check this out! Some of you might recognize the woman below (from our members area), some of you might not but her name is Randy and she is a long time member of wife bucket and also a submitter! Awhile back ago, she submitted her pictures to us in one of our early contests – since her picture was one of the most viewed, she won “Best Picture of Tits in the Mirror”. It’s  been a few months but we just received a thank you video from her, a few updated pictures, and an email telling us she recently was featured in Hustler magazine….as the cover model! This totally blew us away, the most famous submitter on Wife Bucket previously was a woman arrested for running onto a baseball field naked!!! Congrats Randy and thank you for your video!

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