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22 user-submitted photos of real MILF wives and their delicious, fuckable, naked pussies!

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That’s all, folks πŸ˜‰ I will post more MILF pussy pictures soon, I promise.

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40 (yes, FOURTY) before-after blowjobs pics exposing real wives from our archive!

Here comes the good stuff for today, 40 free before-after blowjob photos ripped straight from the WifeBucket archive.

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Oh, good, you were paying attention – there are only 39 photos above πŸ˜‰

Here is before-after pic #40!

cheating housewife in before-after blowjob

That’s all, folks! Click here to return to the main page of the Official WifeBucket Blog!

Sally from Montana and 4 more naked amateur wives

Now that I have taken on updating the blog daily, I will be posting more photos and videos from the archive. As usually, everything will be about sexy amateur women, real wives, and MILFs too! And today’s topic will be:

Proper, honest, plain amateur wives – fully naked!

Important: All photos are clickable and open in a new window.

amateur wife fully-naked
Meet Sally from Montana, one of the many amateur wives who got exposed naked at WifeBucket πŸ˜‰ Sally feels cute while posing naked for hubby – and why wouldn’t she with those juicy, amazing boobs! She gave birth to 3 boys and still sports a rack like that… Impressive! Find more of Sally inside the archive.

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naked mature wife
This photo was taken more than 10 years ago (I think it’s almost a vintage nude now) but it’s still as sexy as fuck. A chubby and fully-naked mature woman with a cleanly-shaved pussy spreading her legs wide in bed. A classic. We have thousands of similar pics inside the archive, make sure to visit the homepage.

Click here for the homepage. We publish free galleries there daily.

amateur wife naked outdoor
Here is a free-spirited and wild MILF who loves roaming the country roads naked and getting fucked by the horny cameraman (hubby, of course) in the bushes. Lots of older women and into public nudity lately, what’s that all about?

This couple hasn’t submitted much yet – mostly lots of nudes of the wife and a short blowjob video. She seems a bit shy because her naked pictures are awkward and silly, too. Cute pussy, though, looks really meaty and fuckable!

amateur wife fully-naked
It took me a while to find out which country’s flag this is – and I had to cheat by looking at the IP of the submitter. It’s Bulgaria – a small country in Europe. We have a few members from there and they seem to be enjoying sex just as much as everyone πŸ˜‰ We have uploaders from all of Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, many Latin countries, even India and some from China & Japan. I guess you can say that WifeBucket is the UN of naked wives πŸ˜‰

That’s all for today, folks. Feel free to look around the blog – I have posted lots of stuff here over the years. Every single photo and video come from our archive and was uploaded there by a real wife or her husband πŸ˜‰

You should also take a look at our homepage for more free galleries and previews.

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Sexy Mirror Snaps! More nude selfies from real MILFs!

This blog post is dedicated to all horny wives, slutty MILFs, and cheating whores who upload their nude selfies and mirror sex pics to WifeBucket! Scroll down for today’s free pics or click here for all galleries!

nude milf selfies

Oh, man, look at that juicy, fat, shaved pussy! Donna sends these nude selfies to her rich husband all the time – and he is kind enough to upload the photos to his WifeBucket account. Thanks, bro πŸ˜‰

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Some of our members submit lots of photos and galleries and some upload the off single photo now and then. We take these single pics and make mixed galleries out of them! Click here to see a random free gallery of mixed MILF selfies!

mirror sex pics from a real amateur wife

An oldie but goldie! Most of our members are 40+ and often upload photos from the Golden Age of the Digital Camcorder – year 2010 or so πŸ˜‰ This mirror sex pic was uploaded by a middle-aged couple who document extensively their sex life and share it with the community (e.g. they upload lots of nudes and home porn). Enjoy!

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Here’s a young newly-wed wife who is making her first small steps in the world of sharing your nudes online πŸ˜‰ She is fully naked, everyone can see her juicy cunt clearly – but the face is half-hidden! Thanks for the submission, honey!

Important: Everything on this page, on this blog, and on the whole site is 100% amateur and user-uploaded. We don’t publish professional photos or videos.

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From The Archive – Amateur Wives Dressed-Then-Undressed

The plan is simple – we see them clothed-then-unclothed in the same photo. It’s a new and exciting way of exposing amateur wives naked – here are some dressed-undressed women straight from the WifeBucket Archive (click here to access the archive!).

before-after nudes of a real amateur wife

Someone’s cheating wife got exposed dressed-undressed from the hotel where that conference took place… Continue here >>>

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Dressed-undressed, exposed naked, and sporting an amazing pair of big natural tits! Some more big-tit wives in before-after nudes here >>>

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Here’s a sexy amateur wife and mom of 2 in yet another before-after nude uploaded to our archive. The “before” photo is hot by itself but the “after” part is so much better – especially that juicy hairy pussy in your POV!

young amateur wife exposed in before-after nudes

This is probably the first ever nude of this sexy young wife which gets published online – thank you, MrRobot97 for sharing this before-after nude with WifeBucket πŸ˜‰

classy milf wife clothed-then-unclothed

Oh, ok, here’s a really classy amateur wife who is elegant, refined, and classy – but she is also completely naked in this clothed-unclothed photo from our archive! Get instant access here!

If you want to see more before-after galleries from the archive, click here.

Continue here if you want to get access to the archive.

Why WifeBucket? What is this archive you keep hearing about?

WifeBucket started back in 2009 as a place where friends (mostly swinger couples) could exchange photos and videos. Soon, more and more people started registering at the site and uploading their homemade nudes and sex pics.

10 years later, we host more than 350,000 photos and 7,500 videos – all uploaded by members and visitors.

Our archive offers unlimited downloads, galleries in ZIP format, videos to stream and download (keep everything your want on your computer for life!), and daily updates.

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Homemade nudes of hot wives over 40!

The wife over 40 is at her perfect age – ripe, experienced, enjoying sex as much as possible, and having very little inhibitions πŸ˜‰

When I decide to make a blog post about wives over 40, it’s both hard and easy for me. Why is it easy? Because there are lots of great nudes to pick from! Why is it hard? Because there are so many naked pics to pics from! πŸ˜‰

So, I just grabbed some random nudes of wives over 40 which were uploaded last month!

Enough talking, here come the nudes:

mature wife over 40 naked and spreading wide
Tom likes uploading nude pics of Jane to his WifeBucket account all the time probably because she loves reading the dirty comments afterwards. Yes, Jane, your 42-year-old pussy looks awesome and lots of guys here want to bury their dicks deep inside!
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Beatrice looks just as fuckable as she was 30 years ago when Tom married her. And he keeps on submitting nudes of his sexy mature wife in lingerie or fully naked… Come on, man, you promised us the porn, too! Don’t be shy… πŸ˜‰
naked pictures of amateur wives over 40
This photo is so homemade that it should be in a museum – let me explain why. For starters, it’s a sexy naked pic of a wife over 40. She is wearing sexy lingerie and is even riding a dildo glued to the table! Awesome, right? Now, look at the face! That expression is more suitable for waiting in line at the supermarket than for shooting porn with hubby!

This is what is so hot about real amateur nudes – them being real and authentic! Click here for more nudes on the main page!

amateur wife over 40 naked
II’ll just leave this photo here. No caption. Just enjoy the view…
wife over 40 naked on the beach
Here is a great amateur slut who is spreading so wide on the nudist beach, that her cervix will get a tan πŸ˜‰ Enjoy this naked pic of someone’s wife over 40 and check the main page of WifeBucket for more pics like this one!
amateur milf naked pics
This is a great pic of a sexy older wife (definitely over 40!) and her ripe, meaty, hungry pussy which looks like it will devour your cock alive and enjoy every inch of it!! As I said, a great, great nude!

WifeBucket publishes nudes of wives of all ages, walks of life, continents, etc. Here is what you can find inside the archive:

  • American wives
  • Euro wives
  • Latin wives
  • Bigtit wives
  • Blonde wives
  • Brunette wives
  • Wives over 40 <<< YOU ARE HERE
  • Naked brides
  • Before-after nudes
  • Naked matures
  • etc…

And that’s just the “naked” section of the archive. Other sections include “home porn“, “swingers“, “cuckolds“, “blowjobs“, etc – click here for the full archive!

Looking for naked amateur wives? Here are 10 more real MILFs getting exposed nude at our blog!

All of the photos in this free blog come from our archive (here but available only for members) and everything inside our member area has been submitted by you, yes, you!

Well, not *you* personally but maybe your neighbor, your boss, or your cousin submitted nudes of his hot wife to WifeBucket. That’s actually a good way to explain WifeBucket to a newcomer – a place where people submit nude pics (and porn, too!) of their wives or other MILFs.

Want in? We have a few good offers now – check our signup page or look at the main site here. WifeBucket has been online since 2009 and we update daily. We have live support in Canada (phone and email 24/7), too.

Anyway, let’s not digress but start watching naked amateur women of all ages and walks of life:

mature wife nude pics
“Here’s a pic of the wife who came to cheer me up after my surgery.”
mature wife pussy pics
“Showing you the pussy which has made me happy for the last 20 years!”

We publish free galleries on our main page too (I mean, not just on the blog). Here are a few which were added this week:

1. Leaked MILF selfies and mirror nudes

2. Real wives naked underwater

3. Homemade nudes from this classy wife

There are more where these came from – take a look at our “naked wives” category, too!

wife naked outdoor
“Ever since I married my wife, she has been a total slut and a great fuck-toy. Here are some outdoor nudes for now”
wives over 40 naked
This photo is from a big collection of older amateur wives lying in bed fully naked, spreading their legs, on all fours, etc, etc…
wives before getting fucked
You can find lots of divorced moms and hungry cougars online and lots of them submit their sexting pics and nude selfies to WifeBucket!
real amateur wives naked
“Spicing it up with the wife, here’s a photo with some classy nipple clamps I bought as a gift! She’s a bit shy, so the face is blurred out but the nudes are still alright ;-)”
naked wife pics
“She’s from my office, recently divorced and on the rebound. Here’s a nude of her in the reception room, well, just the pussy but she’s a slut and more is to come!”
fully naked and spreading legs
Tits in bondage, a great meaty pussy, and a submissive wife all naked and spreading wide – this guy has lots of fun with his MILF and uploads stuff like this to WifeBucket all the time!
classy wife flashing pussy
Not fully naked but flashing pussy at home, outdoor, in public, at the restaurant…
hairy milf pussy pics
Like them hairy and bushy? At least a bit trimmed or in full jungle mode? Yup, we have lots of wives with hairy pussies inside the archive – some are getting exposed naked, some are getting fucked and filled with cum…

Well, that’s all of this post. You can find more nude amateur wives inside then blog – look to your right (or scroll down, if you are on mobile) and find more categories and tags.

Or, click here to visit the main page of WifeBucket and see first-hand our full archive!

12 MILF pussy pictures uploaded by members!

Different men like different boobs, asses, body shapes, even hair! But all men love the same kind of pussy – the wet, juicy, well-trained love hole where your dick feels at home!

Scroll down for some hand-picked photos of juicy MILF pussies, hot wives spreading legs, or real mature wives bending over and showing what – the pussy, of course πŸ˜‰

hairy MILF pussy
Here’s a sexy amateur wife over 40 who doesn’t maintain her garden too well – but who cares if the pussy is hairy, too?
hairy amateur pussy pic
Look at that, another hot MILF wife with a hairy pussy! She is lying naked in bed, legs spread wide (10 points for flexibility!), and that juicy hairy pussy right in your face!
wife pussy pics
Some like their wives lying in bed fully naked, on their back and legs spread wide; but some like it the other way around! The wife is on her hands and knees, bent over, and that juicy MILF pussy right in your face!
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And another photo of someone’s hot wife bent over and exposing her pussy for the camera!
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Tom’s sexy mature wife lying in bed naked and spreading her shaved pussy wife open! Nice, who wouldn’t want to bury his dick inside that MILF?
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Someone’s cheating wife got exposed naked, with legs spread wide, and the pussy fully uncovered!
pussy flashing outdoor
Some wives are kinkier than others – like Mrs Adams. She loves going outdoor without panties and flashing her shaved pussy in public!
naked wife with pussy exposed
Oh, what a great photo of this hot MILF wife with a fully naked ass and an exposed pussy! It looks like she has already assumed the position and this is the last photo before the fucking started!
real milf pussy pictures
What a great snaky pic of this mature wife with her shaved plumpy pussy exposed naked – and, as a bonus, you get these big hanging tits, too πŸ˜‰
wife fingering pussy pics
Nothing much, just a user-submitted photo of the wife naked in bed and fingering her wet pussy! She looks like she’ll be cumming hard soon…
milf pussy photos
A nameless MILF slut who exposes her naked pussy on camera with no shame! The submission said it’s a hooker…
amateur wife pussy pictures
Let’s finish today’s free selection of amateur pussy pictures with one more MILF slut who spreads wife on camera to expose her pussy naked! Enjoy!

WifeBucket has thousands of naked amateur wives with exposed pussies. We have mature pussies, MILF pussies, pussy selfies, creamed pussies, even pussies before-after sex! Our archive has been online since 2009 and we have daily updates ever since!

Simply said, we have the biggest collection of nude wives and their naked pussies – click here to see more!

>>> Click here to more random pussy pictures from the blog!

On-Off! Before-after nudes of wives, MILFs, and other sluts!

amateur wife dressed-undressed
An awesome before-after nude pic of sexy bride Julie from Newport!

Dressed-undressed photos are these kinds of stitched pics where you see the same hot wife or MILF with and then without clothes! Some people (myself included!) get very hot when watching dressed-undressed photos and then… but I digress πŸ˜‰ Anyway, what I wanted to say is that WifeBucket has a separate category just for user-submitted before-after nudes, clothed unclothed porn, and more!

amateur wife dressed-undressed
Another real amateur bride and her on-off, before-after nude pics! Courtesy of WifeBucket, of course!
amateur wife clothed-then-unclothed
On the left, you see Tom’s sexy wife in the office, doing spreadsheets or whatever it is office assistants do. But look on the right – here is the wife again, naked, in bondage, and ready to get fucked! Now, this is what I call a really hot before-after nude photo!

Do you like before-after sex pics, too? Here, catch this:

Before-after sex pics straight from our member area – 20 free photos published today!

dressed-undressed photos of a hot amateur wife over 40
Here is a sexy mom of 3 dressed at home and then – naked on the road next to their summer house πŸ˜‰ This couples loves sending us before-after nudes and porn pics, too!
before-after naked photo of a mature wife
If you ever saw that sexy MILF wife on the street (just as you are seeing here on the left), would you be able to imagine what her pussy looks like? Well, now you can – thanks to this really hot before-after naked photo submitted by her husband!

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