Nudes Of This Ex-Gymnast Turned Trophy Wife

WifeBucket is all about real amateur wives and MILFs and all of their small imperfections and flaws.

You know what I mean – saggy tits and a flat butt; wrinkles and a few extra pounds here and there, etc. In short – real women and not plastic pornstars.

WifeBucket - only real amateur wives and MILFs

But every now and then we get a submission from a genuine amateur wife who looks as if God took a day off from everything else just to chisel her with great care and dedication. Today we give you Kayla, an ex-gymnast turned trophy wife for a lucky guyΒ from LA (not to be confused with Kayla Williams).

Real amateur wife shows how flexible she is

Kayla is now over 30 but still keeps her shape and flexibility because she knows how much her husband loves that πŸ˜‰ She’s been a gymnast since childhood and even took part in theΒ 1998 NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championship. Unfortunately, she never became a pro. Fortunately, she scored a rich husband who adores her πŸ˜‰

Trophey bimbo wife in pantyhose but no panties

Bimbo wife nude in bed

Hot amateur wife in sexy black lingerie

This hot bimbo knows how much hubby loves her perfect shape – and she’s always ready to pose naked or in sexy lingerie for him. Brian really likes to take hot nudes of his perfect wife – when submitting the pics to WifeBucket, he mentioned having over 3,000 photos of Kayla…

Ex-gymnast wife fucking big dildos in bed

Kayla is no stranger to dildos too – because when you’re giving a show to your horny husband, you’d better go all the way πŸ˜‰

Trophey MILF wife all nude except the sexy heels

This bimbo also knows about the power of the lingerie and the high heels – not that she really needs them with that hot body and all – but a little something extra can never hurt πŸ˜‰

Sexy nudes for a real married wife

Naked photos of a sexy amateur wife

She might not be an Olympic-Gold-Medal material but God compensated by making her the perfect sex toy – a beautiful face, a perfectΒ body, and a true love for cock…

Hot photos of this perfect wife's pussy

Nude pics of a real amateur wife

This realΒ wife has a pussy that is worth a thousand words, a poem, a sculpture, but most importantly – a big hard cock. Word on the street is that hubby takes care of that properly but we still haven’t seen real sex pics of Kayla – Brian, we are talking to you πŸ˜‰

Lingerie pics of a hot blonde wife

Wife nude in bed and on all fours

WifeBucket has lots of Kayla’s nudes and it’s only a matter of time before we get her homemade sex picsright, Brian? πŸ˜‰ Don’t feel pressured by us but, please, submit them any day now!

WifeBucket is the site which publishes any user-submitted photo orΒ video you might send (as long as it’s legal). We focus on average, every-day amateur wives and MILFs – regardless of how flawed (or perfect) they might be.

Kayla is a rare commodity inside our member area – not everyone is as perfect as her. But that is exactly what makes WifeBucket real and homemade – we’re not into plastics, fakes, and Photoshopped women πŸ˜‰

Take a look at our homepage and see for yourself πŸ˜‰


7 Real Wives Naked And Exposed

Naked amateur wives and MILFs is what WifeBucket does best – it’s one of our biggest and oldest categories. It’s also pretty self-explanatory and there’s really no need for an introduction the the topic πŸ˜‰ So, scroll down for 7 more hot, real women naked and exposed:

Shockingly sexy wife and a true slut
How do you get a wife like this? Big dick? Money? Is there an agency that distributes them and I somehow missed the memo? Anyway, there’s no need to talk gibberish, let’s just enjoy her naked pics!!
Real nudist amateur on the beach
Nudism is all about being one with nature but for me, it’s mostly about naked women on the beach, yay! Here’s a nude pic of this mature wife sun-bathing on a beach somewhere – damn, she looks awesome!
Real mature wife nude and ready
Lindsay’s husband is an ass man and she’s always turning her back on him πŸ˜‰ Here’s a nice photo of this sexy wife showing her yummy nude ass in bed!
Hot amateur MILF masturbating in bed
This photo is awesome for two reasons – it shows both a real MILF nude in bed AND captures the exact moment of her orgasm! Yes, wifey gave hubby a show starring her shaved pussy, big clit, and nimble fingers ;-)

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Real mature wife nude at home
Being married to the same guy for 25 years doesn’t mean that your sex life should be boring. That’s why this real wife loves welcoming hubby home without panties :-)
Mature housewife nude in bed
Diane is a mature wife from Wisconsin and is not worried about her extra weight, saggy tits, or cellulite. She feels wanted when hubby takes nudes of her and then submitting them to WifeBucket πŸ™‚ Kudos, Diane!
Real amateur wife in sexy lingerie
Lingerie is like the classy wrap of a really nice gift – it’s not what you’re after but it still looks great πŸ™‚ So, whenever I see a sexy amateur wife in hot lingerie, I feel like a kid on Xmas ;-)

Older is better and I’ll never get tired of shouting this πŸ™‚ WifeBucket has thousands and thousands of user-submitted pics featuring real MILFs naked, hot moms undressed, cheating wives nude, and much more! Visit our homepage to keep on looking at older women without clothes πŸ™‚

Cuckolding Wife Sexting Hubby

Cuckolders love sharing their cheating wives with other guys and watching how the love of their lives is getting mercilessly plowed by a stranger’s cock.

Cuckolding guy watches his cheating wife
The usual setup for any cuckolding couple – hubby watches how wifey is getting fucked by another man.

But, it doesn’t always work like that. It can be hard to find a 3rd wheel who’s comfortable enough to not mind being watched while having sex. Or, it can be something as mundane as not being in the same city at the same time when opportunity strikes.

Bob and Susan are a mature couple who share the fetish of cuckolding – Bob enjoys watching his wife with other men and Susan gets to taste a new cock all the time. Obviously, it’s a win-win. Being experienced in this, they decided to give the cuck’s life a little twist – Susan would whore herself up and hit the local bars looking for guys who’re into older women. Once she’d lock on a target, Susan would charm him enough so that he follows the sex-crazed cougar into a hotel while not believing his luck. Once in the room, they would do what any cheaters do – fuck like bunnies, fuck again, and then fuck some more.

So far, nothing different from any other cuckolding wife. But, here’s the catch:
Susan would make tons of selfies during the fucking and keep on sexting Bob on and on – so that he wouldn’t miss on anything even not being in the room. Cool, huh? πŸ™‚

Imagine this – you’re sitting at home, waiting on your phone to ding. You sip whiskey, browse Netflix and then – *CHIRP*:

Cheating wife sexting her husband

Yes, your cheating wife has scored a new cock – not that you had any doubtsΒ – she’s still so sexy and slutty…

Cuckolding wife fucked by her boy toy

Oh, it’s your wife’sΒ all-time favorite – a big cock which brings both pain and pleasure…

Cheating mature wife sex selfie

Good, good, it seems she picked up a guy who knows to fuck women πŸ™‚

Cuck's wife fucked by a stranger

Sexting pics from a real cheating mature

After-sex selfie from a cuckolding wife

Selfies from a real cuck's wife

Your wife keeps on looking in the camera and snapping selfie after selfie while getting destroyed by someone’s big cock – a guy you’ll never meet but still respect for fucking your cheating slut so damn well…

Cuckolding slut fucked hard

It looks like she’s getting closer and closer to bingo and you can almost smell her wet pussy and hear the sound of this guy’s cock penetrating her…

Real sexting pics from a cheating wife

Slutty cuckolding wife sex pics

Cuckolding wife cums from sex

You cum together – she under that big bull and you in your apartment, with a phone in your hand. You know what you’d see if you were in the room – a moaning, screaming, and scratching woman having a shattering orgasm and squirting all over her lover, the bed spread, the floor.

Sounds kinky? Weird? Sexy? Well, that’s howΒ Bob and Susan experience their cuckolding fantasies – and if it works so well for them, maybe it’s something worth exploring? πŸ˜‰

WifeBucket has many more submissions from cheating wives, cuck couples, guys sharing their wives, and everything else where the 3rd wheel is important, not useless πŸ˜‰ Check our homepage for more real people having real sex and sharing their fun times with everyone!

Before-After Sex Pics From Real Wives

“Hey, she’s so sexy in that dress, I wonder how she looks with a cock in the mouth…” – ever asked yourself this question? Everybody undresses women with their eyes and imagines himself tapping that hot MILF ass you noticed on the street πŸ˜‰ WifeBucket has thousands of before-and-after sex pics of real wives – and you get to see them clothed-then-unclothed and also before-, after-, and even during the fucking πŸ˜‰ Enjoy!

Before-after blowjob pic of a drunk blonde wife
So, what happens when you take the wife for a night out and she gets one glass of wine too much? Well, take a look at this before-after sex photo and guess for yourself ;-)
Before-after sex photo of a hot MILF in a threesome
Here’s a nice before-after compilation of this cuckolding wife looking like a slut in the club and then during a threesome with hubby and a guy she picked up!
Before and after sex with a bigtit amateur wife
Enjoy this juicy before-and-after sex pic of a busty amateur wife getting fucked and creamed at home!
Before-after sex photo of a real mature wife
Pam is a real mature wife from SF who is still getting regularly plowed and watered by hubby πŸ˜‰ Check this hot before-after sex pic of Pam giving a great blowjob and then eating cum!

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Ben loves taking pics of his hot slut before and after fucking and sent us this great compilation where she gives head to his BBC and then swallows!
Cuckolding mature before-and-after fucking
Carla loves fucking other men and Ben loves watching – like any true cuckolder. Here’s a nice before-after sex pic from their latest adventures in threesome-land ;-)
Real amateur wife before-and-after blowjob pic
It’s always nice when you get a blowjob as a surprise – and it’s nothing short of that when you wife pulls you in the cafe’s restroom and gives you head πŸ˜‰ Check this hot before-and-after blowjob pic from Lily!

I have always claimed that before-after nudes and sex pics are some of the hottest compilations inside WifeBucket – and I have just shown you 7 exhibits supporting this πŸ™‚ It’s undoubtedly hot to see the same MILF dressed and then undressed or before-and-then-after that nasty facial cumshot! Check our homepage for more stuff like this – you’re worth it πŸ™‚

7 More Submitted Swinger Sex Pics

“What, more swinger sex photos? Again, Rebecca, again? Oh, whatever almighty diety can hear me – spare me from this” – said exactly nobody πŸ˜‰ I know you love you some amateur group-sex action and here I give you 7 more photos from real amateur orgies!

Sharing my chubby wife at the orgy
Being slightly over-weight doesn’t make you any less hormonal – and this submission is the living proof! We see, Anna, a chubby MILF, getting shared by her husband at the swinger party and loving every moment of the split-roasting ;-)
Everyone fucks everyone at the orgy
Being at an orgy means that all men will want to fuck you (if you’re the wife) and you’d like to tap every MILF out there (if you’re the husband). In short, at real orgies, it’s always fun ;-)
Amateur couples at their regular orgy
Here’s another submission from a couple of guys who love swapping their wives around – and even hold regular orgies ;-)
MILF slut in a real gangbang
It’s only normal that someone’s lucky wife will get gangbanged at the swinger sex party πŸ˜‰ In this case, it’s Betty, a hot blonde MILF who doesn’t seem to mind all the group action ;-)

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Real wife shared at the swingers' orgy
Another example of what happens when your wife is the biggest slut at the orgy – a gangbang! And, as a true cuckold, you get to watch strangers fuck her, cum on her, and give her multiple orgasms!
Mature wife tag-teamed at the orgy
Jo is a sexy mature slut who goes to swinger parties and orgies for one simple reason – she fucking loves threesomes! Here’s another pic of her getting split-roasted and enjoying all of it ;-)
The bigger the orgy - the happier the people!
Bigger is always better – and this goes for orgies too! The more swingers show up, the more fun follows – take a look at this user-submitted pic from one of the biggest swinger orgies ever and see for yourself!!

See? What did I tell you? The more – the merrier πŸ˜‰ Check WifeBucket for much more amateur swinger pics, videos from real orgies, cuckolding wives, homemade threesomes, and everything else where 3 is not a crowd but the bare minimum πŸ™‚

7 Amateur Swinger Photos from Real Wives

Lots of wives are true sluts who can never deal with having to fuck only their husbands for life! A good solution would be to become a regular at orgies and swinging events πŸ™‚ So, here are 7 more amateur swinger pics from people who know how to spice up their sex life πŸ˜‰

Real couples enjoy wife swap
You can never fuck the same person all of your life – that’s why, smart couples agree to wife swap and everyone gets to taste a stranger every now and then ;-)
Cuckolder's wife fucked by a stranger
Look in the eyes of this cuckolding slut and tell me – do you notice even a hint of shame? No? Yes, she appears to have no problem in watching hubby in the eyes while fucked by a total stranger at the orgy!
Amateur wife in a hotel room gangbang
Gangbangs are not just for pornstars – regular amateur wives enjoy them too πŸ˜‰ This blonde MILF got a surprise gangbang from hubby – because he knows very well how big of a slut wifey is ;-)
These sexy amateur wives really love orgies
Not all women love orgies but the really slutty ones definitely do πŸ˜‰ Here’s another hot group-sex fun which these amateurs love having on a regular basis ;-)

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MILF swingers at the orgy
The best group sex happens when your orgy is visited by shameless MILF swingers! They are easy, they are open-minded, and they have no problem being shared by strangers :-)
Real MILF in a hard MMF threesome
When you take your slut to the orgy, you have to share her with other guys – that’s only normal. But when your wife grabs the biggest cock around like a tick and won’t let go – well, you’d better relax and keep on fucking her in a threesome ;-)
More user-submitted amateur swinger pics
All of our swinger sex pics are user-submitted – by members and friends! Here’s another big group of slutty wives and lucky husbands who love fucking together in big orgies!

See how much fun swinging is? The husband gets to dip his cock in someone else’s wife’s pussy and the wife tastes many new cocks πŸ™‚ Everything goes at the orgy – MILFs get tag-teamed in threesomes, dudes get head from two wives at a time, someone’s slut is in a gangbang – the possibilities are limitless! See more homemade swinger pics from real orgies at WifeBucket – where real people have real sex and don’t mind sharing it πŸ˜‰