5 Pics of Naked Amateur Wives Acting Like Sluts

Today we give a few real naked amateur wives and MILFs who were kind enough to submit their homemade pics to WifeBucket!

These hot nude wives are proud of their bodies because real men know that older is better. They get naked at home, in hotels, outdoor, on the yacht, even in night clubs and restaurants – our MILFs are totally uninhibited and wild!

Hot amateur wife naked and spreading her legs
Look what the cat brought home – a real amateur wife with a hairy pussy nude and spreading on the floor. It might be hard to fuck that on the hardwood floor but we’ll manage :-)
Real MILF flashing her naked pussy outdoor
Let’s go to the hotel lobby without panties and in a short skirt and then flash strangers with your nude pussy – sounds like a plan, wifey, let’s go!
Amateur wife is nude on the beach and masturbates
When the sun hits that sweet spot between your legs, the pussy becomes so ripe and juicy that you just have to masturbate and ease the tension. Or so I hear ;-)

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Nude chubby wife in sexy lingerie
It’s going to be a long night if your hot MILF wife is all all naked sans some sexy lingerie and gives you that look. Netflix and chill? Who has time for movies??
Hot amateur wife naked in the office
When your husband has a private corner office and you feel horny as fuck, there are two things we can do. You can wait for him at home and let the moment pass. Or you can surprise him in his office, all naked, and wet, and masturbating. Guess what this hot wife did. Come on, guess ;-)

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5 MILF Sexting Pics You Wish You Got On Your Phone

Did you know that MILFs love making nude selfies just as much as your average teen brat? WifeBucket gets more and more MILF sexting pics everyday, scroll down for a few of the latest submissions:

Sexting pics from a real MILf wife
Who says that sexting is in the teen domain? Older amateur wives and slutty MILFs do it too – put on your sexiest lingerie, grab the camera, and surprise hubby at work with a sexy selfie!
Bigtit wife is really into sexting
This busty amateur wife loves sending nude selfies to WifeBucket because she’s so bored after her recent divorce that she has nothing better to do! Thanks, hon, and keep on sexting!
MILF slut with a wet pussy submitted nude selfies
Ava is a real MILF wife who works from home and regularly sends us kinky selfies. She must have the hormones of a teenager because her pussy is always so ripe and wet!

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Nude selfies from a hot blonde MILF
Wouldn’t you run a few red lights on your way home if your MILF wife sends you these nude selfies? I’m sure that even the state trooper who pulls you over will understand and let you go with a warning!
Sexting pics from an older wife in sexy lingerie
Nothing keeps the marriage working than sending your husband sexy selfies when he’s travelling for work. Sexting works, girls – keep those hot nudes coming!

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Neighborhood sluts have an orgy

Nothing like seeing a group of neighbors having fun with each other…especially when we have their before and after pictures! Two married couples just hanging out and having fun at this amateur swinger sex party!

User-submitted amateur swinger pics

One of our favorite shots from this set, both women stroking a hard cock and taking a small break to give each other a hot and wet kiss.

Young amateur wife loves swinger sex parties

Ready to see more? Get more of their amateur swinger pics at WifeBucket!

The 5 Juiciest Amateur Blowjob Pics You’ll See Today

Is there someone who doesn’t like oral sex? I doubt it – but if you don’t, please find another page from the blog because today we’ll be talking only about amateur blowjob pics!

It’s an old saying that women age like wine and, guess what – it’s fucking true! 😉 Everyone knows that a MILF can give you a much better satisfaction than a teen GF and the same goes for blowjobs too! Nobody can suck your cock, cradle the balls, and enjoy the facial like an older woman. Here are the 5 juiciest amateur blowjob pics you’ll see today:

Mature wife sucking cock
This real mature slut knows that it’s important to pay attention to both the cock and the balls – so, she sucks both, one after the other, and makes her husband cum all over her face!
Real blowjob from a hot amateur MILF
See how this real amateur MILF gives the best amateur blowjob ever – she sucks the cock furiously while hubby holds her hair and pushes her head back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…
Amateur MILF sucks cock
Getting a blowjob from a real amateur wife is even better when there’s eye contact – because she wants to know when you’re about to give her a fat facial cumshot!

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Amateur blowjob pic from a real mature wife
Mature wives have more experience in sucking cocks which means that blowjobs from real older women are definitely the best!
Submissive amateur wife gives a great blowjob
This real amateur wife is a bit submissive and doesn’t mind getting down on her knees and giving her husband a slow and sophisticated blowjob anytime he wants!

Wife Bucket has a special category dedicated only to amateur blowjobs and cumshots – where older amateur women give the best oral sex – guaranteed 😉

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Sharing My Wife – 5 Pics of Cuckolds Sharing Their Women

The world is full of cuckolds who love sharing their hot wives in threesomes, and orgies and swinger parties, and even at gangbangs. They love giving it to their women from one end while a stunt cock fucks the other; they even enjoy watching strangers getting their freak on with their wives in a hotel room. Is “sharing my wife” something which interests you? Here are 5 pics which show how to do it:

Sharing my wife with the neighbour
This guy loves sharing his hot wife with anyone and it’s not hard for him to find a guy who’s into threesomes – the missus is hot, slutty, and very rewarding to fuck.
My wife loves when I share her around
This hot MILF wife has no problems with her husband’s cuckold fantasies – she loves, no – INSISTS, on getting shared around in threesomes and even orgies!
Cheating MILF wife shared in a threesome
This cuckold MILF doesn’t consider this cheating because her husband is always around – either fucking her from one end or filming everything for their homemade sex collection.

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Sharing my expensive trophey wife around
This hot trophy bimbo of a wife abides to all of her rich husband’s sexual fantasies. One of them is that she dolls up and dresses sexy and then gets shared in a threesome with whoever he wants.
Cuckold sharing his hot wife with a BBC
You are a cuckold, your MILF is still juicy and sexy, and you have a black friend. Mix all of that, add some alcohol, and the result is obvious – a homemade threesome giving your wife the BBC treatment.

WifeBucket has much more sharing-my-wife pics and videos – all homemade and user-submitted. You can take a look at our swingers and orgies archive for a visual guide on how to share your MILF or check the amateur interracial pics if you love to watch cheating wives fucked by black guys!

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Outdoor sex pics, public nudity, and MILF wives flashing

These hot MILFs and amateur wives love being naked in public and having sex outdoor! This week’s WifeBucket Special Selection is dedicated to all older women who kindle the flame of exhibitionism burning!

Bigtit MILF wife flashing people at the picnic
Bigtit MILF wife flashing people at the picnic

Here’s your average married MILF with one small exception – this specimen gets off by flashing her boobs in public – and the more people see her naked, the better! This time, she and her husband went to an adult-only picnic area and as soon as she saw the sign, she really had to start getting naked outdoor and flash as many strangers as she could! Get even more public nudity pics and videos at the WifeBucket Special Selection!

Cuckolding wife enjoys a big black cock at the nudist resort
Cuckolding wife enjoys a big black cock at the nudist resort

Julie is an exhibitionist and cuckoldress who loves staying at nudist resorts and hooking up with promising cocks – the bigger and the blacker – the better! Her husband gets off by watching Julie get fucked by other men – to each his own, I’d say 😉 This couple love submitting their outdoor sex pics to us – because when you go to Aruba you an adult-only resort, there will be fucking everywhere! Click here to visit this week’s Special Selection for more public nudity and fucking!

This wife got drunk and flashed her shaved pussy in the club
This wife got drunk and flashed her shaved pussy in the club

So, what happens when you take your younger wife to a night club and she chugs on these shots like they are getting banned at midnight? Actually – lots of things but in this particular case, we see slutty Vera flashing the whole party with her shaved pussy! The rest of her user-submitted pics show lots of public nudity and outdoor sex – so, the verdict is clear – this MILF is a real exhibitionist and proud of it! See more outdoor sex pics and MILFs flashing at this week’s Special Selection!

MILF without panties flashing the cafe's patrons
MILF without panties flashing the cafe’s patrons

There seems to be an epidemic of older women going panty-less outdoors. We get more and more user-submitted pics and videos of MILFs airing their most private parts in public and occasionally flashing the lucky stranger. This set starts with Betty secretly spreading her legs for her husband and showing him that sweet, juicy, pierced pussy – nothing that out of the ordinary. But you should see the development – the couple had some great outdoor sex in the back alley and almost got caught! Exhibitionism is edgy but gets you off like nothing else – take a look at this week’s WifeBucket Special Selection for more outdoor sex pics, public nudity, and flashing!

Real housewife masturbating in the public park
Real housewife masturbating in the public park

What did I just say? It’s a plague of biblical proportions out there but instead of locusts, we have hordes of exhibitionist MILFs out there, running around and flashing strangers with tits and pussies! Zoe was feeling extra naughty that day – you can tell that by the size of her clit – so she masturbated a bit on a bench in the park. Little by little, things (and her hormones) got a bit out of hand and even though there were people around, she managed to sneak in a quick orgasm and even a few drops of squirt. Well done, Zoe, well done! We have more outdoor sex pics, public nudity, and hot MILFs flashing at this week’s WifeBucket Special Selection!

Now that we’ve seen MILFs and wives going nude in public, let’s go straight for the honeypot – outdoor sex pics and videos!

Lots of people have outdoor sex every single day – if you go outside now and check a few back-alleys or some bushes in the public park, you are guaranteed to find a mid-age couple doing it like they are doing it on Discovery Channel. This week’s WifeBucket Special Selection is all about hot MILFs getting fucked in fresh air, giving blowjobs on the beach, or living up their swinger fantasies outdoor. Click here for more pics and videos!

Also, how about an outdoor-sex video?

And remember – if it’s not about MILFs and 100% user-submitted – it’s NOT WifeBucket!