5 More Yummy Wife Gangbang Pics

WifeBucket is more or less the online capital of swingers, wife-swappers, cuckolders, cheating wives, and everyone else who prefers sex with more than 1 person. So, it’s only natural that we have thousands of wife gangbang photos inside – here are 5 more of them starring real wives getting steam-rolled by many guys at once:

Outdoor gangbang for a real MILF wife
Things like this happen when you wife is so dirty that you have to spice-up even the gangbangs 😉 In this case, the whole crew had to take it outdoor because the Missus wanted to fuck under the stars!
Black gangbang for cucks wife
This cheating MILF is so lucky to have a cuckold husband who finds black guys on Craiglist and invites them home to fuck her senseless.
Before the gangbang on the nudist beach
This wife certainly doesn’t look the type to enjoy gangbangs, let alone on the nudist beach – but, appearances often lie. In this case – they lie big time!

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Blindfolded wife gangbang at home
This hot wife got blindfolded before the gangbang and then hubby asked her how many cocks took care of her that night – she almost guessed :-)
Everyone taking turns on this cheating wife
Hotel room – $100. Drinks and pizza – $50. Looking in the eyes of your cheating wife while the guys form a line behind her – priceless!

It must be both exhausting and rewarding to be on the receiving end of a gangbang – but, judging but how excited these cheating wives look and act – I think that they actually take more than they give. I can’t imagine the ego-boost after 6,8, or even 10 men fuck you, cum on you, and then thank you… Anyway, let’s not digress but get more gangbangs and orgies at WifeBucket!

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Experiences shared by real swingers

Most of the amateur sex pics and videos which we receive come with a back story. Some are regular and some are pretty descriptive and exciting. Below you can find a few stories and photos shared by real couples who decided to finally give swinging a try – let’s see if they liked it :-)

Shelley and Marc

Her first MMF threesome
Shelley in a moment of pure bliss with Mr Stranger’s cock in her pussy and hubby about to fuck her slutty mouth.

Me and Marc have been into swap for a long time now but we only had FFM 3somes. For some reason, he is scared of inviting another man to fuck me. I have always been patient but lately I wanted more and more to experience a MMF threesome. I know he would be jealous if it was a friend or anyone we know, so I offered him something else (which is also a fantasy of mine): we would go to a swingers club, we’d find Mr Nobody, and him and Marc will split-roast me all night long. A win-win for everyone 😉

One weekend, we did that, went to a club where no one knew us, and spent all night meeting people and trying to find a bull suitable for the job. But whenever I liked someone, I could feel Marc pulling back and not getting excited even for a second. So, I thought I’m pushing him too fast and offered to go back to the hotel room.

When we got there, I went on the balcony for a cigarette and he said he’d go out for a bit because he wanted to get some ice. It took him a while but I guess I never noticed. I was in bed reading when he came back. He was holding a blindfold in his hand, put it on me without saying a word and then told me to strip naked and to remain in bed. That’s when I heard the door open again and someone else came into the room!

Marc made me suck his cock while the other person spread my legs and started licking my ass and pussy. It was a great feeling to feel his penis deep in my mouth while the other person was eating me out. I was getting more and more wet and horny but a thought was still lurking in the back of my head – is this a man or a woman? Will hubby finally make my dream come true?

A few minutes later, Marc reached over my back and spread my legs even further apart. A second later I felt a big, fat cock slide inside my wet pussy! Holy shit, I was finally in a MMF threesome!!!

So, here I am, getting tag-teamed by my lovely husband and the mysterious stranger. I’m still wearing the blindfold and I can’t even see him. But I don’t care. Marc is busy fucking my mouth and nearly suffocates me while the other guy is methodically ramming his cock deep inside my pussy. I cum once and squirt a little but he doesn’t stop. After a while, I cum again and start feeling a bit sore – so I need a rest. Then I feel Marc’s load shooting out of his cock and right down my throat but still nothing from the other lover.

They let me rest for a bit while both lick me and touch me and make me even hornier. Then, Marc makes me get on all fours and starts fucking me from behind while it’s Mr Stranger’s turn to get a blowjob.

Soon, I cum again (for the third time!!) and feel hubby’s cock start throbbing deep inside me – he orgasms again. I want to tell the other man that I’m very tired but before that he flips me on my back, opens my legs, and starts fucking my pussy harder than ever. Soon, he pulls out and I feel the biggest load I ever experienced all over my body. It even hits my face!!

Then, Marc removed my blindfold and when I looked around, I almost jumped out of bed because besides Mr Stranger, I saw a woman sitting in a chair in the corner and holding a camera! Then I recognize them – they are a couple from the club we went to!

My husband planned it all out – he spoke to them about my fantasy while I was in the bathroom, then pretended to me that he’s backing down, and then met them in the hotel lobby (when he “went for ice”).

I can never thank this woman enough – she shared her husband with me and made a dream of mine come true. We never got their names and they didn’t know ours. We will probably never meet them again. But I’ll remember this night for the rest of my life!

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Rita’s gangbang

Thai amateur wife gangbang photos
Rita is happy to stand on her knees and to be surrounded by her husband’s friends – just minutes before the gangbang begins ;-)

I met Rita during one of my business trips to Thailand and we fell in love from the first site. Contrary to what everyone thinks, she was not a hooker or an escort – I met her in the office of my partner. Soon, we moved back to USA and started living a regular family life.

But soon things changed. I could see that she wasn’t truly happy in sex. I mean, we had a great time in bed but I could just feel that something was not right. One day, we sat down and talked and she confessed her fantasies to me – ever since she was a virgin (15 years ago), she would dream of fucking with more than 1 person. Back in Thailand, she has had threesome with men and women, she went to orgies in clubs and brothels, and whatnot. Rita was afraid that she would shock me but a little cuckolder has always been living in my head and the idea to watch my wife getting fucked by others started to sound better and better to me.

To cut the long story short, we started visiting clubs, found other couples or single guys/ girls on Craigslist, and became real swingers.

Little by little, we both wanted to take this a little further so a gangbang was the next natural step in our adventure.

Rita is very sexy, giving, and slutty so finding guys for a gangbang was really easy. Everybody loves her sweet smile, her tight pussy, and her tiny ass – she’s a real treat.

This submission is from her second gangbang which was with 6 guys. We invited them at home, had a light dinner and a few drinks, and then I got to share my Thai beauty with everyone. She was really excited to have 6 cocks, got fucked and DP-ed in her wet pussy, gave lots of blowjobs, and received cumshots everywhere.

Gangbangs are definitely something we both came to enjoy so, expect more photos from us soon :-)

WifeBucket has many more real gangbang photos and videos – all user-submitted and homemade :-)

Why am I cuckolder?

My friends don’t know that I’m a cuckolder because I look and act like a macho. I am not ashamed at all but I don’t feel like explaining to people about my fetishes.

Of course, I love fucking my wife and her sweet pussy any given day. But I also enjoy sharing her with other people (always strangers) and watching them do to her anything they want. She not only doesn’t mind this – she loves it 😉

This video is from a weekend out of town and I must say that everything happened by accident. When we checked in the hotel, I noticed that two of the employees checked my wife out – it’s no wonder really, because she’s still very sexy and good-looking. It didn’t take much convincing for them to come to our room later and enjoy her fuckable body 😉

They tag-teamed her for a long time, she had many orgasms and when they left, it was my turn. I was already hard as a rock and her pussy was so wet that it took me less than a minute to fill her up.

Next morning, we left never to come back to this hotel 😉

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Just experienced our first orgy!

real wife at her first amateur orgy

Last night we finally had our first orgy! It was unplanned but not unwanted because we have always wanted to try this! Me and hubby were invited to a private party – we only knew the hosts and they are actively looking for couples to take part in their weekly orgies.

It was a bit weird at first but luckily we saw another couple we have swapped with before – so, it wasn’t that socially awkward. You always feel pressure at such events to find someone to play with and not just keep to yourself – I mean, it’s not mandatory but if you only watch, you won’t be invited again.

After a while, a couple decided to go in one of the bedrooms with our friends and start the fun with some wife swap. Me and hubby went there too and just watched in the beginning but soon they invites us in and we didn’t hesitate for a second :-)

We do have some experience in group play but it was mostly with another couple and nothing more than a foursome. So, we were just a bit nervous because we finally were at a real full-blown orgy! I think there were at least 20 men and women that night in the house.

But watching all of these sexy bodies fucking in bed and moaning with pleasure and enjoying themselves made us really horny. I can’t always cum because I get tired or am too anxious but this time everything made me feel relaxed. And also wanted. Every man there wanted some time with me and this made me feel so pretty :-)

I can’t describe it all but you can imagine :-) There was lots of fucking, threesomes, even a short gangbang for one lucky lady (I didn’t dare this time). When we left, I was feeling so light and happy that I could go on and on and on!

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5 Cheating Wife Pics Submitted By Real Cucks

At WifeBucket, we don’t care if you’re fucking in or out of wedlock – as long as everyone is having fun, nothing else matters. Here are some more cheating wife photos from our Swingers archive – some shared by their cuck husbands, some enjoying Mr Stranger’s cock when hubby is not around!

Cheating wife outdoor gangbang
So, your cheating wife really loves fucking other men while you watch and live your cuckold fantasies to the max! Why not surprise her with an outdoor gangbang with buddies?
Before-after pic of cheating wife shared in a threesome
Best friends share everything – and when your hot wife loves MMF threesomes, what comes next should be of no surprise!
Cheating wives sharing a guy with a big cock
When you are a slut and your MILF GF is an even bigger slut, you do all kinds of crazy shit – like find a guy on Craigslist to fuck you both, have him take tons of photos, and then submit them all to WifeBucket!

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Cheating wife surprised with a orgy
For the sake of argument, let’s say that you’re a cuckolder and your wife enjoys fucking other men. So, what a better way to surprise her than to take her to an orgy at a friend’s house?
Cuckolders wife fucked in a threesome
Yes, YET another cheating wife getting freely shared around by her cuck ;-)

WifeBucket has much more real swinger pics, hot threesomes, shared wives, and even real orgies/ gangabangs! You probably know it already but I love saying this so much – WifeBucket is real because everything inside has been submitted by our visitors and members :-) So, if you are a real fan of authentic homemade porn – come visit the biggest online amateur archive here!

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5 Amateur Swinger Pics From Real Orgies

Nobody knows what is going to happen at the orgy – and that’s the beauty of it. These guys took their cheating wives to a group-sex party and came back with lots of memories and these real amateur swinger photos:

Cuckolding wife fucked with a strapon
When you take your cheating wife to a swinger sex party, anything can happen. For example, someone might put a strapon and tear her pussy apart giving her the biggest climax ever ;-)
Horny slut shared in a threesome
The rules of the game are simple – everyone gets to fuck everyone. So, it’s should come as no surprise that your wife might get playful with someone’s pussy while you are fucking her hard from behind.
Sharing the wife at the orgy
This guy looks both surprise and happy when another MILF started to eat his wife’s ass while she was riding him. But, what happens at the swinger orgy, stays there (and, at WifeBucket, too) ;-)

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Their first orgy
When you take your wife at the orgy for the first time, you’d probably think that she would be shy and would not really fuck. What you’d never think is that you’ll go to get a beer and find her doing the Human Centipede with the other sluts. Shocker ;-)
Wife swapping at the swinger sex party
People host orgies because they are exciting and give you access to fresh pussy and cock. These couple instantly likes one another and spent the whole night wife-swapping. Looks like fun ;-)

It’s no shocker that lots of wonderful things happen at the swingers orgy. It’s a great change for your wife to experience her cuckolding fantasy and an opportunity for you to check if the neighbor’s pussy is juicier than yours. Continue to WifeBucket for more real swinger photos and chronicles from the orgy :-)

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5 Wife Swap Pics Of Cuckolding MILFs

So, your buddy has a hot MILF and you always fantasize about giving her the D. Your Missus, on the other hand, is a cuckolding wife who really gets off when you watch her fuck another man. The solution? Simple – suggest a foursome and enjoy real wife-swapping! Just like these couples did:

Husbands swapping their wives
The foursome is from Swinging 101 – when both you and your friend have hot fuckable wives, you don’t go behind each other’s back to pork them but instead offer a wife-swap sex party – that way, there are no hurt feelings and everybody wins :-)
Sharing my wife with a friend
The beauty of wife-swapping is that it makes everyone happy – you get to tap another pussy and your wife gets to fulfill her cuckold fantasies ;-)
Couples who love wife swapping
More wife swap pics from when these two couples got drunk during a double date and decided that now is the time to experiment in bed ;-)

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The wives love it when we share them
When both you and your best friend marry total sluts, wife-swapping is just the first kinky thing that comes to mind. These hot wives seem to enjoy the sex party as well :-)
Wifey got drunk and shared that night
When your wife is a kinky slut, everybody wants to give her a piece of his leather stick. All you have to do is find a couple open for wife-swapping and – voila – you got yourself a foursome :-)

See how much fun it is to share your wife with your friend and to fuck his MILF in exchange? People do it so much that we have hundreds of real wife-swapping sex pics and amateur foursomes at WifeBucket – all you have to do is click here and start digging in 😉

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5 Amateur Threesome Pics With Cuck Wives

It doesn’t matter if you are a season swinger or a bored wife who fantasizes about a 3some – WifeBucket has thousands of real amateur threesome photos from vacations, drunk nights, or Tinder hookups!

Cuck wife sharing her husband
Cuckolding goes both ways – this time, a cuck wife is sharing her well-hung husband with a desperate GF – for one of the hottest amateur threesomes we have inside WifeBucket!
Real MILF in a FFM threesome
FFM threesomes are awesome because you get to play with double the amount of juicy MILF pussy! This guy goes to heaven when his wife brought home a Tinder hookup for a surprise 3some party :-)
MILF wives in a real homemade threesome
This FFM threesome happened during a wife-swap party in Florida – and while one of the guys was taking a break, the wives ganged up on his buddy!

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Sharing my wife in a threesome
Cuckolding wives are known to love threesomes because the more – the merrier. Here’s one prime example of the cheating species getting tag-teamed by hubby and a friend. Grab more of this MMF threesome inside the member area!
Big-tit amateur wife in a homemade threesome
So, this cuck wife wanted to taste and extra cock, so hubby brought home one of his cousins. There was lots of blowjobs, titjobs, and split-roasting in this real homemade threesome :-)

Grab more tag-teamed wives, cucks sharing their cheating wives, even MILFs letting a friend fuck her always horny husband – WifeBucket has a special category dedicated only to swingers, group sex, and real threesomes!

The fun is always more, the fucking – too, and the orgasms – out of this world when you invite someone else in bed 😉

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