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Sub wife in handcuffs sucks a big black cock
Here’s a real mature slut who loves to get chained in cold metal and to be forced to do things – in this case, to suck a big black cock until it shoots the hot cum deep down her throat. Get more of this sub wife inside the WifeBucket member area.

Punishment for a wife in bondage
Your wife might be too free-minded but what can you do? Well, John has no problems with this – he just puts his slave in bondage and whips her ass until it’s all red and tender. She (being the submissive bitch she is) really loves the domination and the sex afterwards is awesome. Check the video too – it’s at

BDSM orgy abuses a wife in bondage
Every swinger party is funnier when one of the wives wants to push it to the edge – in this case, Sue wanted to be roped in tight bondage and to be abused by all the guests. Everybody loved it and things got a bit weird – grab the rest at WifeBucket.

Sub MILF tied and whipped in a hotel room
When you take your sub MILF wife to a hotel, you also have to pack lots of restraints, whips, and everything else that gets your BDSM soul happy. She loves to be tied to the bed poles and abused and then fucked hard. Get more amateur BDSM pics at WifeBucket – where everything is user-submitted.

Submissive mature wife loves rough sex

WifeBucket update – Mature slave wife fucking and facials

Mature slave wife loves rough fucking

Sue likes to be dominated in bed and her husband is more than happy to oblige. Today, this hot mature slave got in bondage, fucked mercilessly, and then received a big facial cumshot.

Sue says that being submissive is a real turn-on for her and that she completely trusts her man not to step over the boundaries in bed. Get more of her BDSM pics and videos here.

Amateur Wife is a hooker, submitted by her husband!

Is this guy a genius or something? Seriously, go find a HOT ass chick who is half your age, who has the occupation of escort/hooker and have her agree to marry and live with you- THEN pimp her out.

Now this my friends takes balls of steel to pull off and it takes even bigger balls to submit  it online. This guy seems to have it made a hot ass wife who doesn’t speak a word of English, fucks for a living and brings home the bacon. Forget unemployment, just follow what Chris did! BTW if you’re in Montreal and interested in getting in touch with Jessie or Chris, hit us up for contact information….

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Hot amateur MILF slave

Here’s a hot MILF wife who liked to play slave to her hubby – she really gets off when she’s roped and fucked hard and suffers light humiliation!

Weekly Update and New Features!

Hey guys and girls, Cammy here and just wanted to say hi and tell everyone about some really awesome updates! Personally, I’ve been spreading the word at the local clubs and representing with my super cool new t-shirt and uniform :0)  On submissions, I’ve been super busy as we are really growing…I mean really growing, there are so many submissions into the site at the moment that I really can’t even keep up and we might even have to hire another content manager to help me out!

The biggest news this week, if you haven’t noticed is…Wife Bucket Live is up and running!

Now one of the things everyone, including myself always wondered is, are some of these women really real? Well, guess what they are…you can even try it out, just go to the site and start talking to one of the girls, even do the “can you touch your nose test”. The cam models of Wife Bucket are amateur women and couples who broadcast direct from their homes, real everyday people  from all walks of life. What really is awesome is that to view the sex chat it’s free, and to sign-up to chat with the girls, it’s also FREE! Visit and let us know what you think.

If you haven’t noticed yet also, we’ve updated two main areas of the site (well on the blog that is), which are out submissions page and the contest page which is located here.  We currently have 3 contests running and we’re looking for the best amateur pictures and very best homemade videos for our site! Remember, contests are open to everyone; women, couples and even groups are welcome…everyone who submits to the site wins something! Check out this awesome couple…

Some of my favorite Amateur Wife Pics…MILFs Gone Crazy!

The good doctor is here again! I’ve had a very busy week and spend the whole weekend relaxing, checking the site for new amateur videos, and getting naughty with the wife. I found some really hot submissions from last week – all of hot amateur wives doing what they do best…

George fingers his submissive wife!

George is a pretty funny guy. He’s been a member and fan of our site for awhile now and has sent us another great pic for us to use on our new portal and blog. This is really a special thing because all of the pictures we’ve received from him didn’t include his face. In celebration of our new blog, he sent us a picture of a typical eventing, George sipping champagne and fingering his wife’s ass.

George and his wife on a typical evening

Thanks George!