Fucking this guy’s cheating wife – a photo story

Some women are far more promiscuous than men and resort to cheating if they can’t get enough D at home 😉 Today’s story is all about a lucky guy who hooked up with a bored, unsatisfied MILF from the building:

Hold her tight and fuck her hard - that's what she came to get!

Ever since I moved to my new place, I’ve had my eye on this foxy wife from 2 floors above. I found out that she was married but her husband was travelling a lot and they were more or less separated. Whenever I would meet her in the elevator, I would get half a chub and would be this close to making a move – but I never dared. Until one day, she came home under the pretext of something trivial (like a cup of sugar) and fucked the brains out of me for a whole afternoon.

These photos are from our 2nd time when I had more time to prepare, jack off (so that I don’t blow my load in a minute), and set up a camera in the bedroom 🙂

Cheating MILF gives a blowjob to her lover
While we can’t really see the blowjob which this hot cheating wife gives to her lover, it’s still a nice POV to her perfect ass and hungry pussy!

It sounds like a cliché, but Lucy really enjoys giving blowjobs. She told me that the sensation of a big dick growing in her mouth makes her anticipate the soon-to-happen fucking and makes her feel very horny and slutty.

Cheating amateur wife riding her lover
This hot redhead wife can’t get enough of her lover – and now it’s time to have him lie down so that she can ride his cock like a pro cowgirl!

As soon as junior is saluting, she would starts riding me backwards, adjusting her pussy ever so slightly so that all the right places get rubbed properly.

Cheating MILF spreading wife for her lover
She’s flexible enough to spread these long legs wide – so that I can get full access to that wet and slippery pussy!

I want to dominate her too, so I place her on her back, spread those long legs apart, and pump her full of cock and cum – which makes her start screaming, and wriggling, and squirting.

Fucking this hot cheating MILF in the ass
Now, let’s change the hole and give it to her in the ass. This cheater might not be used to getting plugged in the butt – just see how she started biting the pillow!

It’s time for round 3, this time – in the butt. Lucy takes it like a champ but I am fucking her so hard that she starts biting the pillow and I am really thankful because this cheating wife is a real screamer!

Cheating wife gets a big facial
It’s time to end this fucking in the best way possible – by giving this hot cheating wife a big facial cumshot!

Finally, I grab her by the hair and cum again – this time in her mouth – even ATM is a go with this slutty bitch!

Lucy might be technically a cheating wife who is cuckolding her husband but we don’t really care – at WifeBucket, all that’s important is sharing your homemade sex adventures 😉

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